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Carole Lanham
USA Today Bestselling Author Carole Lanham is the author
of The Reading Lessons, Cleopatra's Needle, Pandora,
The Whisper Jar,
and the 2013 zombie play Please Remain Calm. Her work has appeared in the top 100 on the Amazon
Bestseller list, two of her stories were on the
preliminary ballot for a Bram Stoker Award, and seven of
her short stories received honorable mentions in The
Year's Best Fantasy and Horror. In 2009, she was short
listed for the Million Writer's Prize. Carole lives in
the St. Louis area with one incredibly supportive husband,
two wonderful kids, and a huge collection of aprons.

Pulitzer Prize nominated author Thomas Sullivan has
said of her work: “You will find enchantment, disturbing
undertones, wry humor, romantic eroticism, intrigue,
suspense, and sheer escapism in all of Lanham’s work.
Aberrations abound, but they are told with such convincing
nonchalance that you simply have to believe them. You
fall in love with the characters, and your hopes rise
for their quests to succeed even as they descend into
consensual madness or impossible dreams or a struggle
to survive. Whether they survive and how they survive
if they do...well, that’s as unpredictable as a coin flip.”

Email: thewife@horrorhomemaker.com

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